This is not a review, it is simply a recommendation of an awesome application

rectangle I am both a Linux and (to somes surprise) a macOS user, and switch betweeen Fedora with Gnome as DE and macOS on a daily basis. Therefore, I try to setup both my Linux and macOS box to work in similar fashions and one thing I had been missing on macOS for a while was sending windows to one side of the screen like META + left/right-arrow under Gnome or sending a window to another display.

Now I wrote I had been missing it for a while, indicating that I have solved the problem. Well I have not solved the problem myself by coding, no, no. I found an application and this is Rectangle an application for macOS developed by Ryan Hanson. And to be honest this application solves all my needs on macOS and then some, in extension to do so much more. I have been using Rectangle since the May of 2019 and I honestly have loved it ever since.

It is highly configurable and allows you to record alternative key-bindings if you need it (I have not found the need). Additionally, it is very light on resource usage, a problem I have had with alternatives. Furhtermore, Rectangle is open source ( which have allowed me to look through the code and though I have not been through all the code I have been through some, and I like what I see.

Therefore I whole heartly recommend Rectangle to any macOS user.