For some reason people tend to assume I prefer Python over all other languages since I am an academic researcher. This has a) always been weird to me and b) it is not true.

One of the main reasons people think I prefer Python is the quick turn around from idea to “product”. Which apparently is preferable if your are researcher, that is true but language such as Ruby, Crystal, Java, and C# offers this as well, in my opinion and there for Python is not “better” compared to these languages on that note.

The second big assumption is that because I am researcher I must be using numpy, pandas, matplotlib and Jypyter Notebook. Well fun fact, I use none of them. I use to be a heavy user of numpy, matplotlib, and Jupyter notebooks. But as I did less and less data analysis, numpy fell out of my tool box. Matplotlib got replaced by pgfplots, and finally I replaced Jupyter Notebook with Emacs’s Org-mode. The later may sound weird to some, but most of my stuff is in org-mode already and I could easily enough replicate the behaviour I need. Finally, I have never done complex enough data analysis that Pandas was ever on my radar as an every day tool, though it may be in the future.

But may main reason for moving away from the tools, was actually not the tools, they are awesome! My main issue was Python. I have worked at companies, such as Chocolate Cloud Aps and is currently working for a company, that does most of the work in Python. Both through such jobs and my academic journey, I have come to the conclusion “I don’t really like Python”